About Us

When selecting stock birds for our lofts, quality is our first and most important criteria. It is only fitting that because of this rigorously followed, self-imposed goal, we build elaborate and ample facilities to further develop our birds. We have spared no expense in building the perfect conditions for our pigeons to thrive, giving them great ventilation, cleanliness, natural sunlight, and the finest and freshest nutrition.

We Breed From Individual Pens

Once we bring birds into our lofts, we breed from individual pens, each measuring 4.5ft X 6ft X 7ft H, each with it's own aviary. This ensures that only young from the enclosed pair are generated. All doubt about origin is removed using this system. Unlike common breeding facilities used by other breeders, we can carefully observe our young and take rigorous notes on the pair. You will be guaranteed the optimal pigeon bred within optimal conditions.

Our Record Keeping System

Our Records System, developed by PigeonDB.com is tightly coupled with our website. This means you get the most up-to-date and complete records for your purchases. Additionally, since we continually breed pigeons, you will have the added benefit of being able to see birds related to yours progress and develop in our loft. No other racing pigeon breeder provides this. And best of all, it's always available and online.