2007 NL-07-1055855 HEN


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Name: ----
Year: 2007
Sex: hen
Id Band: NL-07-1055855
2nd Band: C & G Koopman
Status: stock
No color description provided.


Year S Band Id Name Description
2006 c NL-06-1385741 KLEINE DROMER
Foundation Cock at Little Reata. Down from the Finest De Rauw-Sablon Blood and Koopman blood anywhere in the World. Den Dromer and Kleine Dirk on both the top and bottom of his pedigree. Will be a Key Foundation Cock. Sire of money winner in 2011 Late Hatch Classic. Sire of JETT 12561,FIRST Place 2012 Mercedes Classic 150 miles vs 567 pigeons. JETT 12561 became the 9th Champion Bird 2012 Mercedec Classic Race Series. Sire of JETT 12501, =1st 2012 Texas Showdown 150 miles. Sire of JETT 13705, =1st 2013 Sierra Ranch Classic 310 miles vs 485 pigeons.

Year S Band Id Name Description
2004 h NL-04-1389342 DAUGHTER BJARNE
Direct Daughter of BAJRNE,and Half Sister of "GOOD AIM" 3rd Sun City Million Dollar Race winning $120,000 and GrDaughter of DEN DROMER. Super Breeding Hen for Koopman


Year S Band Id Name Description
2011 u AU-2011-JETT-11416
2012 h AU-2012-JETT-12549
Raced in the 2012 Mercedes Classic Series. On money winning Team.

Full Siblings

Year S Band Id Name Description
2007 h NL-07-1055881

Half Siblings by Sire

Year S Band Id Name Description
2011 u AU-2011-JETT-11409
Mercedes Classic
2011 h AU-2011-JETT-11436
Late Hatch Classic. Money winner in final 350 mile race.
2011 u AU-2011-JETT-11437
Late Hatch Classic
2013 c AU-2013-JETT-13705
Sierra Ranch Classic. Won =1st 2013 SR Classic 310 miles vs 485 pigeons. Raced a total of 1270 miles plus training. Placed 62nd vs 450 pigeons in final 370 mile race, 1:48 out of 1st place in tough conditions.
2013 u AU-2013-JETT-13706
Sierra Ranch Classic
2013 u AU-2013-JETT-13753
Mercedes Classic
2013 u AU-2013-JETT-13754
Mercedes Classic
2013 u AU-2013-JETT-13815
2012 c AU-2012-JETT-12502
Texas Shootout
2014 u AU-2014-JETT-14139
2014 u AU-2014-JETT-14140
2014 c AU-2014-JETT-14182
2014 c AU-2014-JETT-14181
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