2012 AU-2012-JETT-12582 COCK

JETT 12582 is Line-Bred NOBLE BLUE, who was a SON of BEATRIXDOFFER, one of the most dominant Breeding Cocks in the Sport. Noble Blue went on to breed Koopman many, many winners and Foundation Breeders. JETT 12582's Sire is a GrandSon of Both DIRKY and NOBLE BLUE, and his Dam is out of a SON of NOBLE BLUE mated to a Daughter of KLEINE DIRK.

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Name: ----
Year: 2012
Sex: cock
Id Band: AU-2012-JETT-12582
2nd Band: C & G Koopman
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Year S Band Id Name Description
2008 c NL-08-2021324 NOBLE DIRKY II
From Pieter Veenstra Super Cock, out of DIRKY and NOBLE BLUE. Dirky is the Top Foundation Cock for Veenstra, and Noble Blue the very Best of Gerard Koopman. Will be a Foundation Breeder at Little Reata Loft. Sire of =1st in the Final 320 mile Race 2012 Shasta Classic. GrSire of 1st Place 2013 Harris County Band Race. Sire of =1st Final 334 mile race 2016 Gold Country Challenge.

Year S Band Id Name Description
2010 h BELG-10-2191518 NOBLE DIRKJE
Super little Hen, GrDaughter of NOBLE BLUE on top, and KLEINE DIRK on the bottom. Bringing the best of Koopman blood together. She will prove to be an impact breeder here at Little Reata Loft. GrDam of 1st Place 2013 Harris County Band Race.

Half Siblings by Sire

Year S Band Id Name Description
2010 u AU-10-JETT-10114
2010 u AU-10-JETT-10115
2011 h AU-2011-JETT-11336
Sierra Ranch Clasic
2011 u AU-2011-JETT-11360
2011 c AU-2011-JETT-11361
2011 c AU-2011-JETT-11414
2011 u AU-2011-JETT-11415
2011 u AU-2011-JETT-11434
Late Hatch Classic
2012 h AU-2012-JETT-12511 LADY SHASTA
JETT 12511 and JETT 12512 sent to Shasta Classic Race in Redding, California. Both fairly consistent throughout training and races. JETT 12511 won =1st (clocked 24th) in the Final 320 mile 2012 Shasta Classic.
2012 h AU-2012-JETT-12512
Raced in the 2012 Shasta Classic Race Series. Total of 919 miles, not including training tosses. FULl Sister JETT 12511 was =1st on the 317 miles vs 128 pigeons.
2013 u AU-2013-JETT-13755
Texas Showdown
2013 u AU-2013-JETT-13756
Texas Showdown
2013 u AO-2013-JETT-13788
High Desert Classic
2013 u AU-2013-JETT-13789
High Desert Classic
2015 c AU-2015-JETT-15404
Gold Country Challenge. Winner =1st Final Race 2016 , 334 miles vs 187 pigeons winning over $ 2000.

Half Siblings by Dam

Year S Band Id Name Description
2011 u AU-2011-JETT-11374
California Classic
2011 u AU-2011-JETT-11375
California Classic
2011 u AU-2011-JETT-11406
2011 u AU-2011-JETT-11407
2011 u AU-2011-JETT-11459
2011 h AU-2011-JETT-11460
Line Bred KLEINE DIRK. ALL the VERY BEST from KOOPMAN in this hen. Small Hen, perfect in the hand, strong back and wing, Foundation Quality.
2012 c AU-2012-JETT-12678
2012 h AU-2012-JETT-12679

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