2013 AU-2013-JETT-13705

Sierra Ranch Classic. Won =1st 2013 SR Classic 310 miles vs 485 pigeons. Raced a total of 1270 miles plus training. Placed 62nd vs 450 pigeons in final 370 mile race, 1:48 out of 1st place in tough conditions.
2006 NL-06-1385741
Foundation Cock at Little Reata. Down from the Finest De Rauw-Sablon Blood and Koopman blood anywhere in the World. Den Dromer and Kleine Dirk on both the top and bottom of his pedigree. Will be a Key Foundation Cock. Sire of money winner in 2011 Late Hatch Classic. Sire of JETT 12561,FIRST Place 2012 Mercedes Classic 150 miles vs 567 pigeons. JETT 12561 became the 9th Champion Bird 2012 Mercedec Classic Race Series. Sire of JETT 12501, =1st 2012 Texas Showdown 150 miles. Sire of JETT 13705, =1st 2013 Sierra Ranch Classic 310 miles vs 485 pigeons.
2005 NL-05-1936608
A GrandSon of FREDDY, and a Nephew of DEN DROMER. Super Cock from a Mating of Rauw-Sablon and Koopman bloodlines. This cross has won more money for Gerard Koopman in South Africa than any other.
2003 BELG-03-4290013
2004 NL-04-2031628
DIRECT DAUGHTER of ALADIN when he was mated back to his Grandaughter, FARAH DIBA, 1st National Ace Hen FOND 2003. Finest Koopman blood on the Planet !
2005 NL-05-1936654
Special Bred Hen. Foundation Breeder GrDaughter of BOTH DEN DROMER and KLEINE DIRK.
2004 NL-04-1389746
DIRECT SON of DEN DROMER when he was mated to YI MIN, a FULL SISTER of KLEINE DIRK. A NESTMATE BROTHER of "LAST SAMURAI", another Top Son f Den Dromer and Sire to the 1st Winner of Taijin Race, 1st Tienen vs 1855 pigeons, 1st Wertheim vs 1833 pigeons, 3 X 1st Place in a row in Germany, 1st Schweinfurt, 1st Wertheim, 1st Selingrurt, and 1st National ace pigeon Germany YB 2010. Yi Min is Dam of AMORE, 5th Hasslett vs 266 pigeons, and a Foundation Hen for Koopman
2002 NL-02-5251656
Supreme Racing and Foundation Hen for Koopman. She won 4th Sourdun NPO vs 13,426 pigeons, 1st Chimay vs 3320 pigeons, 3rd Albis vs 1008 pigeons, 26th National Orleans NPO vs 10,030 pigeons.
2010 BELG-10-2148760
Direct Daughter of BONAMO and GrDaughter of BJARNE, sire of "GOOD AIM", 3rd Sun City Million Dollar Race, South Africa for Gerard Koopman. Bonamo is a Double GrandSon of DEN DROMER, Superbreeding Cock for Rauw-Sablon and now Koopman. Dam is a Direct Daughter of "FREDDY" when mated to a Foundation Rauw-Sablon Hen, Crack Albrecht, a Half Sister of LIMOGES. This hen will be a top Rauw-Sablon breeder at Little Reata Loft. DAM of 1st AIC RACE 2011 vs 438 pigeons at 65 miles.=1st AIC Race 100 miles vs 450 pigeons. Dam of =1st Place 2012 Mercedes Classic 150 miles vs 567 pigeons. Dam of JETT 12552, 7th Champion Bird 2012 Mercedes Classic Race Series. Dam of JETT 13705, =1st 2013 Sierra Ranch Classic 310 miles vs 485 pigeons.
2009 NL-09-1674447
Direct Son of BJARNE and Halfbrother to GOOD AIM winner 3rd Sun City Million Dollar Race winning $120,000. Double GrSon of DEN DROMER, 15th Argenton vs 7452, 73rd Chateauroux vs 6832, 84th Bourges vs 12,161, 108th Bourgess vs 21,593, 120th Lomiges vs 23,550. Den Dromer is sire to Miss Maniwan, 1st National St Vincent vs 17,135. Den Dromer is Sire to the winner of 15,000 Euros in the Million Euro Race, Brother "Lucky 77", Lucky 77-Eric Limbourg. 1st National Ace Pigeon FOND KBDB 2005
2002 BELG-02-4247563
SuperBreeder for De Rauw & Sablon. Won 7th Interprovencial Chateauroux vs 5349 pigeons. Sire of "GOOD AIM", winning 3rd Sun City Million Dollar Race, South Africa winning $120,000. Sire of "Miss Lang Ping" 3rd Boxtel vs 9618 pigeons. Sire of "Belg-04-505" 1th NPO Chantilly vs 12,389 pigeons, 14th NPO Orleans vs 9626, 12th NPO Blois vs 5737 pigeons. Sire of "Raubritter" 1st, 3rd, 4th, 7th place Sun City South Africa.
2007 NL-07-5724645
Daughter "DEN DROMER", she won 85th boxtel vs 13,810 pigeons, 54th Duffel vs 7061 pigeons, 137th Bostel vs 12,198 pigeons, 133 Morlincourt vs 5155 pigeons. Halfsister to "BJARNE" Halfsister to "MILKO" sire of "Miss Maniwan" 1st National St Vincent vs 25,807 pigeons. Halfsister to "MARLON" sire 1st Wychen vs 17,135 pigeons.
2003 BELG-03-4196322
Halfsister of DEN DROMER. GrSire to 1st National St Vincent vs 26,000 pigeons, 2nd National Ace Long Distance KBDB 2007, "BAK 17". Halfsister to "MR EXPENSIVE" sire of 1st NPO Orleans vs 9670 pigeons. Halfsister to BROTHER DROMER, Sire of 1st National Ace KBDB 2005. Halfsister to KASTAR, 18th Ls Souterraine vs 14,957 pigeons, 41 Limoges vs 16,504 pigeons. GrDaughter to CRACK AELBRECHT 3rd Provencial Ace Pigeon KBDB 1996, 7th Provencial Ace Pigeon KBDB 1995.
1994 BELG-94-4407032
Superbreeder for De Rauw & Sablon. Sire of DEN DROMER, BLUE PRINCE, KASTAAR, GrSire of LUCKY 77, 1st National ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005,Gr Sire of FANTAST winner 3 X 1st Prizes, GrSire of ASDUIFKE 357/07, 1st Provencial Ace Pigeon Eric Limburg, GrSire of 5th Provencial ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2010 for Vandenheede, GrSire to 1st National St. Vincent vs 26,000 pigeons for G. Koopman, ,2nd National Ace Long Distance KBDB 2007, "Bak 17". Sire of "Mr Expensive" 1st NPO Orleans vs ...
1999 BELG-99-2017867
Sister Provencial Ace Pigeon 1999, Halfsister 1st Semi-National Limoges 1999. Daughter "Crack Aelbrecht" 3rd Provencial Aced pigeon KBDB 1996, 7th Provencial Ace Pigeon KBDB 1995. Crack Aelbrecht is GrSire to 1st National Orange vs 6035, 6th National Cahors vs 5892. 3rd Provencial Acepigeon KBDB 2007, 5th Provencial Acepigeon KBDB 2003.

Little Reata Loft